How to Build a Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Happy Friday!

Isn't summer the best?! The sunshine, laying by the pool, days at the beach, cruises,'s perfect! Just like I did this spring, I've put together some items to help you build the perfect summer capsule wardrobe!

Whether you have fun summer vacays planned or just need to freshen up your closet, I'm sure that these capsule pieces will inspire everyone! 

The whole point of a capsule wardrobe is to put together a handful of staple pieces from each clothing category that can be mixed and matched to form a wardrobe of multiple outfits. The pieces should all be complimentary in color, pattern, style, etc. So let's get started! 

First up, the basics! The best way to start building your capsule wardrobe is with some simple tees. I tend to choose tees that are neutral in color; some solid some with subtle texture. This way they go with more items and outfits! (Tip: make sure one of them is a plain white tee because they literally go with everything!) My go to stores for tees are Target, H&M and Amazon! Here's a couple ways you could style your basic tees using other pieces from this wardrobe!

Other great tees to have in your capsule wardrobe are striped or patterned tees. These add fun, subtle textures and can be worn with skirts, jeans or shorts. So many possibilities! My favorite stores for tees like this are H&M, American Eagle and Target. Here's some ways to style striped tees!

And let's not forget about graphic tees! Graphic tees are my holy grail and I can't make it through summer with out them. This is probably the reason I started my business, Lexi's Loft, and sell mainly graphic tees. I love making my own tees and being able to make what I envision and want!

Next up, blouses. I like to keep my blouses neutral for the most part, but every once in awhile I'll add a fun pattern or color. It's also super helpful to have a variety of material thickness for days when you need an outfit to go from day to evening wear. Plus, different styles, textures and patterns help you build a well-rounded wardrobe for any occasion. I love shopping for blouses at Shein, Amazon and Altar'd State! Here's some cute summer blouse outfits!

Ok, let's talk jackets! I'm currently obsessed with jean jackets! They are so versatile and can be worn with so many things which makes them perfect for a capsule wardrobe. Throw one over a cute day outfit to stay warm on a cooler night. Utility jackets are also great to throw on over a simple outfit. Target, Express, Gap and Nordstrom have great jackets! 

Raise your hand if you love skirts!! Especially in hotter weather...they're loose and breezy and so comfy! The best two styles of skirts for summer are mini and midi skirts. When I say mini, I don't mean short, I mean lower thigh and knee length skirts that are classy and chic. Midi skirts hit about mid shin. Skirts are good way to add texture, color and pattern. They can be paired with your basic tees or blouses and jackets. H&M, Target, American Eagle and Forever 21 are my favorite stores for skirts!

Dresses are also very lightweight and airy, perfect for hot summer days when you don't want to wear tight or restricting clothes. There are so many styles of dresses, but my favorites are ones that can be worn everyday in multiple ways. Simple, swing or t-shirt dresses are great! Little a-line dresses that have some structure around the waist are super flattering too. I'm obsessed with Merrick White's new line...her everyday dress is to die for! Other good places to find dresses are H&M, Roolee, Target, Nordstrom and local or online boutiques.

Is anyone else a fan of jumpsuits?! They're actually really growing on me! That being said, I am super picky about my jumpsuits. Not all are created equal and not all are flattering! So make sure you find ones that are flattering on your body type and accentuate your best features. Anthropology, Target, Amazon and boutiques have some super cute affordable jumpsuits!

I have such a love hate relationship with jean shopping! I'm obsessed with jeans and finding great pairs, but it's also hard because I have an athletic, muscular build. Finding the right fit is not always easy for me, so when I find good jean places I stick to them! It's important to have different styles and washes of jeans in your capsule wardrobe to add variety. White jeans are good for summer and you can't go wrong with a good medium wash. As far as styles, mom jeans and wide leg crop jeans are very trendy right now. American Eagle and H&M are my favorite places to buy jeans!

Ok let's talk shorts. Because of my standards and choosing to dress modestly, finding longer shorts that are cute is a real challenge. I also feel that longer shorts are sporty looking and too dressed down so I don't wear them very often. But it is good to have a denim pair in your wardrobe for when you want to wear them! They go with everything and are good for a summer day spent running errands. I recently discovered that American Eagle and H&M have great selections of bermuda style shorts. I've actually also found some at Walmart and Target! 

Raise your hand if you're obsessed with swimsuits!! I used to hate wearing one piece suits because they were ugly, dated and not very comfortable. But one pieces have come a long way! They're super chic and trendy right now and are totally back in style! Having a couple of different style, color and pattern swimsuits in your summer wardrobe is key. I like Target, American Eagle, Amazon and Nani Swimwear for swimsuits!

Time to talk about accessories! Accessories can make any outfit a million times better. I usually keep mine simple and neutral, but accessories are a good place to add pops of color and pattern if that's your thing! If your outfit is neutrals, add a fun bag or belt. If your outfit has a print or pattern in it, opt for simple and neutral accents. Accessories should always compliment your outfit, never clash with it!

Bags are such an essential summer accessory! They're cute and functional...perfect for running errands, going to the beach or a night out. Cute tote bags are a great way to carry all of your essentials to the beach in style. Round straw crossbody purses are also very in right now and just scream summer! They're simple, compact and easy to carry around. I like to get bags from TJ Maxx, Amazon, Target and boutiques. 

Last, but definitely not! I'm a bit obsessed with shoes and if you ask my husband he'll tell you I have way too many! Shoes have a way of completing an outfit and tying everything together. Like accessories, shoes are a good way to make a statement and bring in some fun patterns if your outfit is more on the neutral side. It's good to include a variety of styles in your capsule wardrobe! My favorite shoe stores are Target, Amazon and Forever 21. 

I hope y'all enjoyed this capsule wardrobe post and will be inspired to put your own together soon. Cheers to a great summer and beach weather!! 

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